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12 Steps For Maskaholics


We understand that as ridiculous mask mandates come to an end it can be hard for brain dead faucists to take off their face masks. So, to help we've come up with a great 12 Step Program for Maskaholics. 

1.    Admit that my mask obsession is unmanageable.
2.    Scientific data can restore me to sanity.
3.    Decide to explore data counter to my biases.
4.    Let go of being a Maskhole Busybody.
5.    Admit to my fellow man that their mask is none of my business.
6.    I am ready to remove virtue signaling from my character.
7.    Entertain the possibility that I’m not always right.
8.    Make a list of all persons we’ve annoyed and be willing to make amends to them all.
9.    Made direct amends to such people wherever possible.
10. Adjust to new facts and when we were wrong promptly admit it.
11. Understand that Zero risk leads to paralysis and then death.
12. Mind my own business. T-shirt is 100% cotton, runs a little big, tear away tag.